my new playground…NYC

It is hard to believe that it has been 6 months already since I called New York City my new home.
Life certainly can play tricks…From my 7.8 acres in Tollhouse with 4,000 feet mountain in my window to 700 sq feet Manhattan apartment with brick wall for my views of outside world.
Do I miss my California home? Yes and no. I miss friends, family, my animals, my views and luxury of closeness to nature but surely this opportunity to live in NYC cannot be argued against. First of all, NYC is its people. It is a place of people from different worlds and that is what makes this town. I love the arts, the surreal human energy. I am not really a people person. I get annoyed with noise, hustle ….constant movement but I am still grateful for this experience.
And therefore, I pray for strong legs (one walks here a lot and I like it), a lot of patience, grace, strong elbows to make room in the crowds. And “yes, I can” attitude.


Tollhouse, Ca

2 responses to “my new playground…NYC

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  2. I lve the comparison, and at first I couldn’t figure out where the pcture was taken from. Then I remembered the llama pen; they had a great view XD

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