Mono Lake, Ca

Mono Lake is one of my favorite places to go when I need to recharge my batteries or reset my life.
The lake has a spiritual aura that automatically lets me relax and go into a retrospective mode. It seems to say, “you can let go now”.
There is a clarity that I associate with the Mono Lake. The place is simply beautiful…its essence won’t be captured in words or pictures.
It brings good memories of time well spent. Fun time. I swam in it, kayaked on it, hiked next to it….just hanging out. I still have to find Mono Lake hot springs, its location jealously guarded by the park rangers.
Mono Lake is old. The lake itself is around 1 million years old…one of the oldest body of water in western hemisphere but really it is older than that. Its salt is a remnant of forgotten times when fish was king and dinosaurs were nowhere to be seen….circa Paleozoic era (think 290 million years ago).
Mono Lake also is a hot topic of almost science fiction proportions. A new kind of bacterium was discovered in Mono Lake. It lives off arsenic granting Mono Lake status of “home to a form of life biologically distinct from all other known life on Earth”.
Read more about here.
Anyway, Mono Lake is my kind of place.

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One response to “Mono Lake, Ca

  1. I love how you wrote what it makes you feel like, I also liked how the pictures changed; they made you grasp and hold as much of the image as you could before it changed.

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