today in NYC

Well, today is my love’s birthday. I went out and got him a bottle
of Australian wine and a few NY books…

Two of them sound especially interesting: one is a guide to waterfalls in
Catskill Region and second is called

My City, My New York * Famous
New Yorkers Share their Favorite Places * .

Now, my love and I can stoke famous people since they tell you
where they hang out. Jon Stewart eats pierogies at Veselka, a low down
restaurant as he calls it. Woody Allen plays jazz at the Carlyle on Mondays. I
can afford Veselka but the Carlyle …

And the waterfall book sounds so romantic….I can see myself with
my love going from one waterfall to another in the Catskills.

The guy (see pictures below) apparently traveled with his piano
and his dog 15,000 miles around the USA. The piano was worn, the dog exhausted
but the music was great. Now the piano man can say he lived freely, no?

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