Sweetie, KC and Fabio

I have three musketeers…a small pack of dogs, unfortunately separated
at this moment. Sweetie and KC stayed in California home while Fabio came with
us. And I miss them. I have never had dogs before. Sweetie is my first pup. She
is very vocal. When she was little she sure  had a way to communicate with
us. She wasn’t barking but her communication was like humming. She still does
that when she is very happy. KC is my second dog and I got him five month after
I got Sweetie. He was a rescued dog and has some trust issues. He is the
one that will howl with coyotes. I love his call to the wild…what a strange
song. He often looks like he is smiling, seriously. Eager to please. Patient.
Sweetie, not so much. She is eight years old but she loves to play and she
adopts some traits of whomever she happens to be close with. Once she was hanging out
with our cat Pucho and she did not take a long time to start sneaking  like a cat. It was a funny sight…she is big
and seeing her taking measured, concentrated steps as if she were a cat or lion
stoking its pray was hilarious. Sweetie loves attention and she will demand
some serious patting from us…I think she secretly wants to Alfa type but in
my pack that status belongs to me….There is something wolfish in her although
she was sold as a Australian Shepherd.

And of course there is Fabio…a Tibetan spaniel mix…most patient
dog in my world…He is all about giving love and getting treats.  And now he is the lucky one who gets all of
the attention since Sweetie and KC are in far away Cali.




KC and Sweetie

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