DUMBO Arts Festival is a Brooklyn event. DUMBO is just across
Brooklyn Bridge in sort of industrial area where there a lot of art studios.
Needless to say, I loved the festival and the feeling of neighborhood. There
were so many weird things going on. Dancers, street performers, video
installations, music, food. Heaven.

It was great place to watch people too. I simply love how individuals
can express themselves by putting their garb on.

The Light art installation took my breath away. You could
manipulate stream of light with your body movement. For a moment, I was in kindergarten
again feeling sense of undefined mystery. Unfortunately, I cannot remember who
the artist was as I never do.

But I do remember my two delicious alcoholic tea beverages I
had while visiting DUMBO. Sweet ice tea, vodka, and crushed mint leaves. During
imbuing myself with caffeine and %, I snapped some pics with iPhone of guy
sitting next to me. It turned out to be a good shot and  I showed it to him … I thought he should have it.
His wife got excited. She really liked the picture and wanted to hire me as
photographer for their son’s event. They were like this boxing family…their son
following his father footsteps.

And if I am still in NYC next year, I am going to see the
festival again. Freaking terrific.


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