I am scared already. This year theme is Alice going through the looking glass. Does this mean I will come face to face with Red Queen?
I read that the production is top notch with Burton like artistic approach. Steampunk also means “a subgenre of speculative science fiction set in an anachronistic 19th century society“.

Gee, I am learning so much…On a sober note, it seems that people seek a world of fantasy as if to escape our grime economic times. And why not?

PS I did come face to face with Red Queen. She demanded from me to address her as Her Majesty. And then ordered me to open my mouth wide when I speak…I guess her way of saying not to mumble.
So now I can say that I did get a voice lesson from Red Queen. This was symbolically monumental…he, he. Overall, walking through dark and narrow labyrinths encountering characters from Through a Looking Glass who shoved you and told you to follow and do strange tasks and being haunted by little look-alike girls in white Victorian “off to bed” gowns, who giggled maniacally and danced like little fairies, gave me impression of being in mental asylum. Oh, the sets, costumes and props were top notch. Great production.


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