Le Roi Danse

I wanted to see Le Roi Danse for a long time. Unfortunately, the film is not available on Netflix. But you can find it on youtube.com in its entirety here. Thank you posting it, lareinecomtesse.

The film shows rise of Louis XIV and his patronage for ballet, music, and theater.
It portrays Jean-Baptiste Lully, the father of French Baroque Music, and his relationship with the king and Moliere. The film is superbly made. It incorporates baroque dance which is the foundation of modern ballet as well as a splendid music of Jean-Baptiste Lully.

from wikipedia.com
Le Roi Danse

The King is dancing (Le Roi danse) is a 2000 film by Belgian filmmaker Gérard Corbiau based on Philippe Beaussant’s biography of Jean-Baptiste Lully, Lully ou le musicien du soleil (1992). Set in 17th century France, it depicts the life of Jean-Baptiste Lully and his relationship with King Louis XIV of France. Directed by Gérard Corbiau, this lavish costume drama depicts the rise of the Sun King through the eyes of Jean-Baptiste Lully. The rise of King Louis XIV and his growing influence in the court are shown through the elaborate dance routines and the maturing of Louis from a pawn of his mother to the full glory of the Sun King.

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