NYC Subway

NYC Subway is my choice of transportation now…my Prius, my truck, my van, my luxury wheels, my 4WD…there is a sense of community to it…there I share space with my blue collar, white collar comrades, the crazies, musical people, religious outspoken people…We all experience a sense of journey trying to make the best of it.






7 responses to “NYC Subway

  1. Very cool photos that totally capture the vibe of the NYC subways. I grew up a short train ride from the city, and though I don’t miss NJ, I miss NYC.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking one of my posts today.


  2. I love that you make taking the subway into such an interesting experience. You reframe what can be viewed as negative into positive. great photos. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have never been on the subway in New York. The only subway I have ever been on is the Boston “T”, if I remember the name correctly. I have wondered what the subway is like in NYC. The one thing I imagine most is noise? Is it noisy?

  4. The last time I was there, I missed the opportunity to ride. My wife was to apprehensive due to all the bad films that she watched back in the 80’s. The next time we’re in NYC, I’ve got to ride that thing!

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