Dream Symbols

I have noticed looking through my photo album that images of windows and doors are constant throughout. Door and windows have a special place in human psyche. Unconsciously, we perceive them as gates connecting our daily mundane reality with what we really process behind closed doors subconsciously. Looking in, looking out, closing, opening doors and windows refer symbolically to how we access our subconscious…they are connection to our repressed fears, desires, passions, anger. In the indigenous societies, the ones who have no need for these modern architectural elements, windows and doors are replaced with holes, caves as access point to reality beyond our senses. The San people of Africa, the oldest population group on Earth, have elaborate system of beliefs that incorporates holes as passages to realms of reality as we know it.

8 responses to “Dream Symbols

  1. I have always been fascinated with the images of doors and windows. They can be interpreted so many ways. Thanks for a “view” into our interest in them.

  2. The curiosity of “the other side” along with the risk of going through are two things I think of often. This is a great post as I think many dream of doors and windows. Great photographs too.

  3. Hey B-this was an inspiring post for me-I’m working on symbols in some assemblage work, and this post gave me the insight on how to pull this work together! ( I hope) thanks I’ll post it if it works…..Like all the photos…..

  4. When I first joined pintrest, it seemed that people were posting pictures of exotic doors everywhere and I repinned alot of them myself actually. They are a potent symbol and I have found that they mean a great deal to me right now. Good Post.

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