I came across this neat little video while doing research on Kubrick. I finished reading Arthur Clarke’s Odyssey 2001 and wanted to see some visuals from one of my favorite movies.

Subliminal Communication In Fast Food Ads – by Rob Ager is a fantastic analysis on how corporate psychologists work their way in to how we think in order to sell us what they need us to buy.
The video is on dry side …and I know 10 minutes long…but you will be rewarded with new gained knowledge of how easy it is to bypass your conscious mind.

Sub-lim-i-nal adj
2: existing or functioning below the threshold of consciousness <the subliminal mind> <subliminal advertising>

2 responses to “Sub-lim-i-nal

  1. Your art is really powerful – a great edge – I could see it all over as street advertising. Thanks for liking my posts…Modernloom

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