Admiring Rothko

This man stood in front the painting admiring his idol in such contemplative mood that for a moment the painting, painter, and viewer seemed one. I took snapshot of this moment and later gave it to the guy in the picture thinking he should have it. For a second I was in sheer panic for I did not know what his reaction would be…but when he saw himself in front his creative hero his face showed such unguarded moving emotions that it was all worth it.

19 responses to “Admiring Rothko

  1. Great image and lovely story. I think Rothko would have been pleased to have been the “meeting point” between two people. It could lead to a fascinating research project. Some years ago I took a polaroid of an 11 month old while baby sitting. I let the child see the developing image. He was amazed! Some hours later when the father came home, he took the child over to the shelf to see the picture. The baby could’nt talk of course, but made every conceivable noise and gesture to communicate the magic of the “polaroid moment”

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