20 responses to “With Love from Ellis Island

  1. Lovely and disturbing. I was told a story by my great grandmother who came over and passed through Ellis Island. She came to be married from Hungary and made the best stuffed cabbage you have ever tasted. She was frightened and yet she had shivers of joy when she stepped off that boat.

  2. As Cowboy mentioned above, it IS hard to imagine what the experience at Ellis Island was like, as the vast majority of immigrants coming through there had left their homelands with virtually nothing, knowing very little if any English, no idea how to get around, and no real understanding of American culture.

    Wonderfully evocative images!

  3. Love the contrast-y photography, contrasted with the softer close-ups. 3 of my grandparents came through Ellis Island, so this has special meaning to me. And thanks for Liking one of my posts, too.

  4. Thank you for liking my post and leading me to this one! I visited Ellis Island about 9 years ago with my family when my husband sang at Carnegie Hall. The museum was utterly fascinating. Your stark black & white images fit the mood of the place perfectly! There’s a touch of fear there, so much unknown, so much mystery, so much at stake.

  5. My grandparents’ names are posted at Ellis Island, thanks to a kind aunt.

    They came from Czechoslavakia in 1912, and were classified as ‘Hungarians’, because Hungary occupied their par of what is now Slovakia at that point in time.

    Thank you so much for this post, as it brings memories which increase my desire to post more about my ancestors…my beloved grandparents, who endured so much just to come to the USA.

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