1960s Broadway Musicals

I have found three design tiles of 1960s Broadway musicals. I did not know any of the titles so I researched them online.
Fiorello! was one of the eight Broadway shows to land the Pulitzer Prize. I love the look and feel of all three of them.

12 responses to “1960s Broadway Musicals

  1. I was never one much for musicals, however I do remember hearing about Do Re Mi. I think there was an encore remake in the 90’s which I remember better. If I remember right, I believe Phil Silvers won an award for his role.

    The other 2, I haven’t a clue about them……….

  2. Love these designs. And Fiorello ain’t bad – listened to it about a year ago and I can definitely see it winning a bevy of awards. Funny how it’s not part of the traditional canon nowadays.

  3. As a teenager growing up in Brooklyn in the 1960s, I had the privilege of seeing “Carnival” at the Imperial Theater on Broadway in 1962. As I walked down the aisle to my seat, I recall noticing there was no traditional red velvet curtain. The stage resembled a spare and desolate French countryside. As the lights went down, a lone flautist wandered out playing the theme … “Love Makes The World Go ‘Round.” Slowly the stage transformed with lighting, music and the talents of many performers until the “Grande Imperial Cique du Paris” came to life. It was a magical moment that continued for the next two hours with indelible performances by Anna Maria Alberghetti, Jerry Orbach and Kay Ballard. I remember the other two shows well, although I did not get the opportunity to see them. Thanks for the sharing.

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