The veil is a picture for the secrets. Veiled Maya who has her place in the Buddhism is valid as a symbol of the illusions of the world who ventilates her veil, attains a confidential knowledge about the reality of the world.

So what does it mean?


Frederic Edwin Church’s OLANA

Almost an hour south of Albany is the Center of the World—I own it.
– F. Church.

Frederic Edwin Church’s house is located on top of the hill overlooking the Hudson River valley and the Catskill Mountains.
The house, now a museum stopped in time, is bathed in radiance. I have never seen anything like this. The place is literally immersed in light and melts with the surrounding beauty perfectly.
One experiences Church’s interpretation of light immediately. No way I could ever capture what I saw so I am supplementing this post with Church’s “light” work. If you can, go visit the house at the sunset, sunrise hours and wish for a show because nature delivers that at Olana. Church will be happy.

Above the Clouds at Sunrise by Frederick Church

Cotopaxi by Frederick Church


What ails it, intrinsically, is a dearth of intellectual audacity and of aesthetic passion. Running through it, and characterizing the work of almost every man and woman producing it, there is an unescapable suggestion of the old Puritan suspicion of the fine arts as such—of the doctrine that they offer fit asylum for good citizens only when some ulterior and superior purpose is carried into them.
-H.L. Mencken