A Touch of Szymborska

Szymborska was a Nobel recipient for her soul searching poetry. Please read this poem here in proper format:

Thank-you Note

The Fourth Policeman

While Wislawa Szymborska is no longer with us, we can still visit her poetry.  Here is a sample entitled “Thank-you Note”:

I owe so much
to those I don’t love.

The relief as I agree
that someone else needs them more.

The happiness that I’m not
the wolf to their sheep.

The peace I feel with them,
the freedom —
love can neither give
nor take that.

I don’t wait for them,
as in window-to-door-and-back.
Almost as patient
as a sundial,
I understand
what love can’t,
and forgive
as love never would.

From a rendezvous to a letter
in just a few days or weeks,
not an eternity.

Trips with them always go smoothly,
concerts are heard,
cathedrals visited,
scenery is seen.

And when seven hills and rivers
come between us,
the hills and rivers
can be fouind on any map.

They deserve the credit
if I live in three…

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