The deepest problems of modern life derive from the claim of the individual to preserve the autonomy and individuality of his existence in the face of overwhelming social forces, of historical heritage, of external culture, and of the technique of life.
Georg Simmel


11 responses to “individuality

  1. interesting quote, but off the mark a little bit, especially pertaining to Americans. In America, individuality is the predominant mode of expression and life “technique.” The problem comes from the individual vis-a-vis a community. When individuality trumps a person’s willingness to belong to a community, you get alienation. and alienation, we know, is an enormous problem in the U.S. and Western World.

  2. Alienation and its bastard child oppression are a huge problem everywhere, not only in Western societies. Modern life and archaic life, are they really so different? I don’t see any desire to end war, torture, suffering… The individual has a choice: good or evil. Sacrifice yourself or sacrifice others? Transmute your desires or step on everybody to get what you want? Fight for justice or take advantage of the unsuspecting…?

  3. Great mix of photos with this cogent quote….I think there are alos some people who smply bow out of the distinction between themselves & society…this is true alienation…

  4. I like this series. I find something redeeming about “clutter”. Like cities of things. One can be amazed at the largess but that is only first impressions. Like a city the deep one delves in the back alleys and hidden places the more wonderful it becomes. The more meaningful the story.

      • I think your intuitive approach serves you well. I like your interpretation because this is how I approach somebody’s work…My viewing experience of one’s work is mine alone…Let’s say, if I am viewing Rothko, what I see in it is beyond the creator’s control…I will see what I will see…I will process the work through my social filters and my emotional background.
        It takes two to tango.

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