redundant (rɪˈdʌndənt)

redundant  (rɪˈdʌndənt) — adj

  • surplus to requirements; unnecessary or superfluous
  • verbose or tautological
  • deprived of one’s job because it is no longer necessary for efficient operation: he has been made redundant
  • (of components, information, etc) duplicated or added as a precaution against failure, error, etc

Redundancy. So many people are struggling today…their skills, ambitions and dreams in limbo.
No longer needed or not needed at all…or waiting to be wanted again.
The key pics that I used here are of :

  • rejects from Ellis Island waiting for a next boat to be delivered to wherever they came from
  • the artwork that I came upon in while browsing a kitchen store. The artwork was displayed in the back of a store and there was following note posted: “VINTAGE NUDES. This is the life’s work of outsider artist, Tom Sturges. Oil paintings dated from 1960’s-1990’s.”


10 responses to “redundant (rɪˈdʌndənt)

  1. I think that in some ways, artists have always been at least semi-redundant.

    surplus to requirements; unnecessary or superfluous

    Yet, they have continued to create with little real hope of ‘making a living’ at whatever it is they have chosen do.

  2. With all focus on product, process must be ultra efficient: robots.

    But who uses the product? Who knows how to appreciate art? Without Art as the true process, billions of beings end up in the shooting range.

  3. Wow, powerful stuff here. Ellis island rejects? There’s something we don’t want to admit we’ve been doing for that long… The life’s work of Tom Sturges in the back of a store? That hits home… Powerful stuff here…

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