The Power of Advertising

this is a good educational piece…thank you for reminding us…

Becoming Madame

So much has been written in recent years about the power of consumer advertizing. The thesis generally being that we, the consuming population, are overrun by advertising agencies, manipulated into buying much more than we need or can afford. Some have postulated that the Financial Crisis of 2008 was the indirect result of our inability to distinguish between need and want, means and credit. I think they all have a point. Although, they are over-looking one key element.

We still have choice.

Having moved away from big city American where consumerism is at its height, to a country where culture places a greater emphasis on parts of life other than acquisition, I’ve had the opportunity to witness a healthy model of consumerism.

Some believe that French advertizing, or la publicité as it is called here, is relatively unregulated due to the exposure of bare breasts on television or in magazine…

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