Bring a Tree with You

In the last two exhibitions that I went to, there were at least two plastic trees delivered by two different artists (Maurizio Cattelan, Miller). Symbolically , a tree represents growth and intrinsic knowledge (such as tree of life and tree of wisdom). In cities, the trees are surrounded by slabs of cement, vertical lines of an immediate landscape. They seem to fight for access to sun with cement, steel, brick. In broader sense the urban tree symbolizes a tamed nature but it also stands for the dark but lush forests we left a long time ago…

10 responses to “Bring a Tree with You

  1. Without tress in such urban spaces, it would be too claustrophobic to live. I am grateful for their placement, though it is so important to nurture them and set them as an example of blooming life to those who pass them daily. A tree in an otherwise concrete jungle may be enough to life someone’s spirit. Thanks for sharing this post.

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