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Data Harvesting is a topic I am exploring through visual series of ads generated in Phoster.
Today CNN posted this article.

Google knows too much about you

Privacy means people know what they are signing up for in plain English. Some people want to share more data. Ask them. Ask them every time. Let them know precisely what you are going to do with their data.

-Steve Jobs

8 responses to “New $$$

  1. A very appropriate image !

    I don’t believe Google is any more or less intrusive than any other similar site on the internet. WordPress is not much different except they don’t offer web wide search. I think the saying of ” If you want to maintain privacy – stay off the internet”. But that also goes for all cell phones, and even cordless land line phones. Anyone can purchase a simple scanner that will pick up all those phone calls and they can easily be traced from there.

    Every time we post a message on a WordPress blog, our IP address is recorded and available to the blog owner. Even if you post using proxy servers, it’s not that hard to trace to the original IP.

    I think the technology to track anyone on the internet, cell phones, or even most vehicles is available and can be purchased by anyone. My 2 cents !

    • I think you are right 100%.
      I used Job’s quote but even his company appropriates the whole content of contacts from their iPhone users without their knowledge.
      Internet is here to stay as well as data mining.
      But we consumers must have say how private we want to be. It is all about balance.

      Thank you for your enlightening thought.

  2. Great image and article! It’s gratifying to see my own rants about online privacy so publicly on CNN like that. My strategy has always been, if you don’t want a hacker to get it, don’t put it online. But that only goes so far… And I probably figured that out too late… So yeah, laws! But do we feel like our lawmakers are even capable of effectively legislating this? Recall the recent “protect IP” legislation nonsense…

    But anyway, great post. We need to keep these things in mind or we’ll certainly never find an effective solution.

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