19 responses to “European Helmets at the Met

  1. Some really wonderful images. They should have used these on their promotional posters. What strikes me most – I always thought armor was so cool – but these helmets give me feelings of brutality and barbarianism – not the “romantic” feelings of longing for yesteryear or wishing to go back to that time. Maybe I’ve changed (definitely) or maybe these images express an inner truth from the time these helmets were actually used. Great post! Provocative and evocative.

    • The pics came out soft but you are right…there is nothing lyrical when you stand in front of the real things…you smell death…
      I am yet to see the movie by French dir. Bresson, Lancelot of the Lake.

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  3. Brilliant shots. You not only capture the physical shape etc. of the helmets but also the menace that they would have had on the battlefield!

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