12 responses to “R.I.P. Whitney Houston

  1. A great loss! A wonderful voice which now recalls us how life – and showbiz – are so fragile… Thanks to this little great woman, for her soulful songs. Yes, I remember “The bodyguard” soundtrack and movie and the great songs from “The Preacher’s Wife” (an undervalued album!) Thanks Whitney, We will always love you…

  2. Thanks for the visit…did you really like it? Or you just saying that? Love Whitney, great memorial post for her. She had a way of bringing life to songs, and songs to life. Like, “Dolly Partons” I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, and the song she sang back up for Chaka Khan and Rufus , written by “Ashly and Simpson” ( I’m Every Woman) Whitney was, as another blogger has coined tonight…”The Song Bird Of a Generation”

    But, as my generation remembers her singing Gospel, and back up for Aretha Franklin, and Dionne Warwick…etc…I say her’s was one of the greatest voices to ever visit planet earth. Spanning several generations. Dolly Parton said, in an interview a while back, that she wrote “I Will Always Love You” for “Porter Wagoner” after her talent and fame outgrew his show;

    ” I personally put some money in the bank when that song hit the charts, Parton Said: …But, after Whitney did it,.. I Bought The Bank”

    • I am not just saying that. A few of friends have a deep appreciation of Christian music…and I learned a lot from them…seems like you are writing poetry dedicated to God…thank you for your comment

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