43 responses to “Walking around in NYC

  1. Really love these. It’s so cool, it’s like we we’re on the walk with you. I can almost hear the sounds of the city. I may go for a walk around my town of 1200 people to photo and give you a contrast. πŸ™‚
    Really glad I found your blog and look forward to your posts. Have a great weekend.

    • Thank you for posting your comment.
      Almost all of my pics on this blog are taken on iPhone on Hipstamatic. These were run by Pic Grunger. Also, I use Snapseed, Phototoaster, ColorBlast, Pic Collage, Phoster, and Photoshop.

  2. Really fantastic images. Makes me want to travel to New York City. I love the image with the benches – makes me think of Breakfast At Tiffany’s for some reason. And the image that follows it feels very iconic.

    At first glance the last image didn’t seem like much but I find myself continually staring at it. I really like how you shot and treated this subject. The construction netting looks like glass reflecting the building across the street. And the realization that there is fabric surrounding Brooks Brothers (King of clothiers) is a real mind bender – like a Christo & Jean-Claude installation.

    A Thoroughly enjoyable series.

  3. I really do like these streets. I saw some reference to the work of a famous photographer Mays (?) who shot at 1600 ISO in daylight on the streets in NYC. It gave the tall buildings a granular effect that worked like the effect you achieve here. I like the way you see.

  4. You are a master of atmosphere. Of course the b/w image helps but for example,
    shooting the park benches without people sitting there gives me a sense of ghosts passed. At one time, while working in Washington Square I became very familiar with those streetss to 10th . I had occasion to interview a pioneer
    female experimental filmmaker sitting on such a bench in Gramercy Park. I suppose my responses are therefore, tinged with some nostalgia. But they are still very evocative photographs!

  5. I adore your photographs ! As someone who used to live in NY… it makes me smile to see these images. You are very talented.

    And thanks for visiting my blog and liking my photo !

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