22 responses to “shroud

  1. Those windows seem a bit depressing but I suppose they’re better than the boarded-up kind. I used to pass by a house with boarded windows, with a black car in the driveway, not factory paint black all shiny but spray-can black. So very dead and ominous.

    • it must be the cabin fever…craving for sun, chocolate, and revelation that seems confidently to skip my left part of brain. But I am patient and I will get what I will get. Cheers.

  2. Sometimes we are standing in silence, our emotions shroud in the things that haunt us…
    A deep dark place, a beautiful heaven… a room to a view.

  3. All are great photos, but I really like the first one. Maybe because the curtains aren’t closed and it seems sun is shining through to brighten the room.

  4. Great series this, and the black and white certainly works to their advantage, adding an air of desolation to them, maybe of forgotten memories. You can almost see the ghostly outlines of the person that once stood there…

  5. I really like this series Barbara. Despite the definition of ‘shroud’, there’s an light and an ‘opening’ in all of these images. I find them quite hopeful – looking toward warm weather!

  6. i LOVE the whole concept of the stories these pictures tell…windows of the soul. You express the subconscious mind very beautifully.

    • Almost all of my pics on this blog are taken on iPhone on Hipstamatic. These were run by Pic Grunger. Also, I use Snapseed, Phototoaster, ColorBlast, Pic Collage, Phoster, and Photoshop.
      Thank you for stopping here.

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