Tree Spirits

according to some African beliefs

Every big tree has a spirit. Some trees house many spirits. Whether a tree is a spirit or is inhabited by a spirit is not an easy question. The people will say: The tree has a spirit, or: in the tree there is a spirit. The spirit has a voice which the careful listener can hear and even understand if he knows the language of the spirits. This voice has to be preserved carefully by the drum maker. The boat-maker too, wants to keep the spirit of the tree in the wood so that it will protect the boatman against drowning in the treacherous rivers, when the tree has become a boat. The appearance changes, the spirit remains. Together in a forest, the trees have a collective spirit, powerful enough to be revered as a god.






21 responses to “Tree Spirits

  1. A terchnical question. My guess is that your are using 120 black and white film, in a 6 x 6 format, developing, and going into Photoshop. The tantalizing clues are along the edges (x100, and the arrow). I’m presently using a 6 x 7 roll holder in my 4 x 5 Busch press view, and toning in Photoshop. Last week, for old times sake, I printed and toned in the darkroom—not as good resultrs, but more fun.

    In any case, your vision and your sepia tone is just beautiful!

    • Hi Maurice,

      Thank you for all positive feedback.
      The iPhone/andorid technology is responsible for my pics here. All the camera and effects apps make it possible to have a fun and interesting image in a relatively short time.
      If one uses these tools, one is able to recognize the processes behind iPhone/android pics.
      Almost all of my pics on this blog are taken on iPhone on Hipstamatic. I use Pic Grunger, Snapseed, Phototoaster, ColorBlast, Pic Collage, Phoster, and Photoshop.

  2. I’m afraid you assigned me too much credit. I’m still having trouble with my old cell phone. My son John is doing most of the blog. Anyway, thanks for the info. Your N.Y.C. inages made me homesick. We lived in Forrest Hills for a year.

  3. These images remind me of Sally Mann’s ‘Deep South’ series… her writings, if you’re interested to read them in her book of the same name, are really quite lovely too… thank you for sharing!

  4. I really enjoy your photography. Many of your images are mysterious, some a bit eerie at first glance (and i mean that in a very good way) but simultaneously provide a sense of warmth and comfort of the unknown. I feel as though we share a similar eye when it comes to certain types of shots, especially some of the landscape photos. I look forward to new posts !

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