from Alchemy:

Going into the unconscious also means to go into the collective unconscious we all share. In Greek mythology there was  Tartaros, a name originally used for the entire underworld. Tartaros is the psychic world deep in man where all those nasty emotions reside, like the lust for murder and destruction, thirst for blood, fear, hate, revenge, the lust for power, melancholy and so on. It is not easy to admit to oneself, but they all reside in ourselves. Because we don’t like it, we have cut ourselves off from being aware of this dark realm. We have repressed all our dark emotions into this deep realm of Tartaros. This is the heritage of man, dating from ancient times.

15 responses to “Tartaros

  1. I like this: “Physically Tartaros is a vast pit, a world of darkness and winds, surrounded by bronze walls” (Homer’s Illiad, 8.13-16).

    A place for defeated immortals…

  2. I have always thought of what you described as a “deep dark place, a beautiful heaven to lose oneself forever”. Your photos take the rather norm of space, time and place, and reveal an ominious side to their / our existence. Great work Barbara.

  3. Evocative and disturbing. I take photos of doors. Doors resonate with ‘deep stuff’ in the psyche. That’s why we ‘dress them up’ (I have a willow garland – a ring – on my front door as I write)! Well it would spook out the neighbours if I hung up garlic and wax or shrunken fetishes!


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