Postcards from Saratoga Fields

The pictures here were taken in the Saratoga National Historical Park.
The day was stormy and its air clear. As I walked through the fields and forests following the trail, I could not help myself and listened to the sounds from the past.
If I did not know of the violence that took place here, would I still feel it?

19 responses to “Postcards from Saratoga Fields

  1. Barbara what a set of lovely phototgraphs Your color composition is brillant. Your skies are so kinetic, your fields rich in color. I like the first and third image the most. But all are fantastic.

  2. I agree, your colors and composition are very evocative, and the photo sequence a special code.

    I don’t think there’s an inch of land that has not experienced some kind of violence. We walk and live atop all the layers of past suffering: plant, animal, human — and are blind to it.

    Why are we blind? So that others may see? Who are the others, and what do they see?

  3. Your line is so interesting: “If I did not know of the violence that took place here, would I still feel it?” as history coloured your photos. It’s good to think and feel these different perspectives as it shows how powerful our minds are visually.

  4. These images make for a really evocative series – thank you for sharing… and thank you also for your interest in my post ‘Discover the wonders of pinhole photography’ – I’m delighted you liked it; plus the bonus of finding your blog as a result!
    Best wishes,

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