I work for you

as seen on Orchard St, NYC

Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone:

If you don’t have anything to hide, the thinking went, it shouldn’t bother you that the government might be checking your phone records, seeing what sites you’ve been visiting, or quietly distributing armored cars and submachine guns to every ass-end suburban and beyond-suburban police force in America.

[W]hen we abandoned our principles in order to use force against terrorists and drug dealers, the answer to the question, What are we defending? started to change.

The original answer, ostensibly, was, “We are defending the peaceful and law-abiding citizens of the United States, their principles, and everything America stands for.”

Then after a while it became, “We’re defending the current population of the country, but we can’t defend the principles so much anymore, because they weigh us down in the fight against a ruthless enemy who must be stopped at all costs.”

Then finally it became this: “We are defending ourselves, against the citizens who insist on keeping their rights and their principles.”

Balance is such a delicate thing.

10 responses to “I work for you

  1. Yikes. A great post. Very disturbing image – which is one thing that makes it great. Highly provocative. Great quote. Reminds me how the local police department tracked me down through my blog to question me about my photo activities in abandoned buildings. Big Brother is alive and well.

    • no way…what a story…
      once my husband was stopped because he was bringing refrigerator home to the Sierra Foothills…it was late and maybe they thought he was carrying bunch of explosives….funny but not really

  2. That final reason had me roaring, before your balance comment….come full circle, but with a not-very-nice-twist! Tasers have been introduced recently into Australia. Already one death from it, a day ago. Now they want them banned. Should never have happened! People will never learn; they’re too stupid….

    • My thoughts exactly from years ago. That was my mantra: “people are stupid” but then I adjusted my thinking to:
      “people are not stupid but they can be cruel”.

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