24 responses to “Pavement

  1. It’s always amazing what we can find at our feet. I also like you treatment of the shadows. I usually avoid shadows like the plague. But these shots have me reconsidering them. Well done. Have a great week.

    • Thank you. You are so generous with your comments.
      I turned to shadows here because very often this is how the light is perceived here down on a pavement in NYC.
      You know contrasts. Once you are walking for a block in total shade only to emerge to blinding light when you turn a corner. I am very sensitive to light so this is one of first things I noticed about this city.

  2. Wonderful, as usual. You’re spoiling us, but manage to live up to our expectations every time.

    People so often fail to see what’s right in front of their face, or in this case, under their feet.


  3. Hi there, been wanting to view your site for a long while now and your work is so beautiful. Yay, I have subscribed! Look forward to looking at all the other posts. Take care, Jack

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