Get Into the Swim of Advertisement

So here in NYC as in the rest of our country we, the partakers of our daily bread, are encouraged to watch a lot of TV, drink, be awake but only partially, dive head first into “the swim of things”, solute our waspy roots. Above all, we are encouraged to spend and spend with abandon…our energy, time, money on anything that can be sold and bought on our way to attain the eternal peace. Amen.

16 responses to “Get Into the Swim of Advertisement

  1. Barbara, That’s the only way we’re going to get the economy ‘going again’! Spend more than we’re making and throw out all the ‘old’ crap we have, and do it all again.

    great photos


  2. That used to get me down too, until I realised that money makes the world go ’round, as the song says. Of course, I only watch, buy, spend on what I need not want, until it’s absolutely necessary! The photos are very good.

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