“St. Thomas Aquinas here to rap,

I’m just gunna give ya a little recap.”

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Dark Pines Photo

I have mentioned in a few of my posts about my background and current work as a secondary school teacher. Teaching can put a person in a box. Depending on where and what you subjects you are required to communicate ( you teach students, not subjects), it can be difficult exercise flexibility both in content & methodology.  The most effective teaching requires an opportunity to create and innovate. You need to adapt to the students and the situation. Teachers try to nurture and take advantage of the teachable moment. That is when the student is sparked with curiosity and the desire to know, understand, and apply.

In my capacity of my final year as a teacher before retiring, I have a range of students and subjects. These students are acquiring courses through what is called, an Assisted Study Program (ASP).  They are working independently on different subjects at different levels. …

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