Duelling Philosophers from DarkPinePhotos

Reblogging doesn’t always work. I think DarkPinePhotos has a story to tell. This is his last year as a teacher as he and his wife are retiring this year. Existential Friday: Duelling Philosophers is dedicated to a  piece by his high school student from his the Assisted Study Program. It is a debate between two philosophers in the form of a rap duel.

Please read this little mad cool rap piece and go to DarkPinePhotos to show the support and make a difference in these students’ lives. I turned off likes for this post so the fellow bloggers can leave all the comments and likes where they belong…on Existential Friday: Duelling Philosophers

As DarkPinePhotos puts it, “This post is tagged under a number of headings including photography & art. The most important though is education. This is a story of 21 men & women from vastly different parts of the world, different backgrounds, and ages who, through the power of blogging, have shaped the education of a young person. They have never met this person nor have they directly communicated with them.”

Aquinas: St. Thomas Aquinas here to rap,

I’m just gunna give ya a little recap.

The five proofs of God yo,

They outshine anything you’ve learnt in bio.

The first proof begins with motion (motion, motion),

It can be compared to the domino (domino, domino) effect yo,

Where one thing in motion is moved by something (something, something) else,

Like the fire that started from the log of wood (wood, wood).

But the sequence can not go forever,

Because there ain’t no explanation for the first mover,

This right here is where God comes in,

Using his powers to be moved by nothing else.

Sartre: Nah bro you’re totally wrong, We are wholly responsible of our own belong There ain’t no such thing as this God man None of our actions originate from a plan

Instead, humans believe in this thing called intentions (intentions, intentions) Where everything we do is on purpose (purpose, purpose) And there ain’t no such thing (no such thing, no such thing) as an accident Rather the idea that we deserve (deserve, deserve) everything that happens

Aquinas: Well lemme explain to you,

The second proof which will stick with you like glue,

It’s called an efficient cause yo

Where one item is the cause of the next item ya know

But what if the causes stretch all the way back? (back, back)

There will be no first (no first, no first) efficient cause

Without the wonderful thing everyone calls God (God, god)

So you better believe (better believe, better believe) its him who makes the first cause

Sartre: The causes don’t need to stretch back, Everyone is to blame for their own track, Because they make intentional choices With or without the help of any inspirational voices

Aquinas: The third and fourth proofs,

There’s no possible way that they can be spoofs

The third proof, God is accountable for necessity (necessity, necessity)

And in the fourth he is the cause of goodness (goodness, goodness) and perfection

Sartre: Both necessity and goodness come from people (people, people) themselves

God does not play a part in our lives (no part, no part)

Every cause can be traced back to us (us, us)

We never encounter anything except responsibility (responsibility, responsibility)

There is no such thing as compulsion,

It is only you who caused the most recent explosion

Everything is a matter of choice,

Like whether you’ll date that girl named Joyce.

It’s all up to you,

Do not try to blame it on little boy blue.

Or your friend named Drew,

Or even the fact that you had the flu.

Aquinas: I have to disagree with you Sartre, (disagree)

Many things in life wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for God (weren’t for God, weren’t for God)

The fifth idea proves this exactly, (fifth proof, fifth proof)

It states that intelligence is the workings of God (intelligence, intelligence)

God directs our goals,

Watching every one of our souls

And being in charge of every “first”,

So don’t try to argue or you’ll be cursed.

8 responses to “Duelling Philosophers from DarkPinePhotos

  1. A good discussion between two philosophies. I being an Aquinas fan go thoroughly with Thomas (or perhaps Plato), but at the same time Sartre cannot be denied in contemporary philosophical approaches and then you have Hawkins’ developing views, it’s an interesting subject figuring out the meaning of life in respect to spiritual standards.

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