Of Bill Cunningham & Mountain Lion

Today is a rainy day. One of those when people start their day slowly staying home instead of venturing out. I was shooting black and white candid shots… nothing inspirational when I spotted a lonely figure on a bike, a New York institution, Bill Cunningham. He has been shooting NYC streets for nearly 50 years now. Of course I had to snap a pic of him, shamelessly. It was one of my wishes to see Bill Cunningham in action. This wish was granted.

Now, for a long time, (say 27 years), in California, my dream was to see a mountain lion. I never did. The signs of its presence were plentiful…San Francisco Bay Area parks were always marked with signs to watch out for cougars. And then there was the time in the Sierra Nevada Foothills where my neighbors’ goats were found slaughtered high in a tree dragged there by a mountain lion. After a while I came to realization that these creatures saw me without being seen. And the reason I did not come across one because I would probably be eaten.

36 responses to “Of Bill Cunningham & Mountain Lion

  1. ‘All the empty coats’ shot somehow really struck me, BE. A different type of shot that made me question: Who will buy them and wear them…or will they eventually be discarded?

    Aagh! Am I in a mood today, or what?

  2. Nice story. I suppose I have been under a rock not to be aware of Bill. I’ve seen some of his photographs but not made a connection. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll look for him.

  3. Ciao Barbaraelka
    Grazie per la visita al mio blog….
    Il tuo è molto bello …le foto mi piacciono, tornerò a farti visita
    buona settimana Duilio

    tradotto da Google

    Bonjour Barbaraelka
    Merci de visiter mon blog ….
    Le vôtre est très agréable … J’aime les photos, je vais vous rendre visite
    Duilio bonne semaine

  4. Great photos, Barbara, but I can’t say I share your desire to see mountain lions.

    I like them fine when I see them on TV or in movies, but I’m terrified of running into one on a hiking trail some day.

    You can tell me all the usual stuff about how they want nothing to do with humans and that all you need to do is raise your arms and yell at them in a commanding voice, and it doesn’t change a thing.

  5. Great post & series of shots. Love the style and feel of your photographs. As to the cougar, in our area of Ontario, there aren’t any cougars, ……. officially. We have sightings. Two past staff members from our school have seen cougars. There are reports, but know evidence. It is practically a cryptid.

  6. Barbara, I love your pictures. They have such depth that I feel like I can walk right inside them. Very rare, I think. Fantastic shots make me hunger for The City.

    I loved what you wrote about Bill Cunningham. I used to see him all the time, but I never knew who he was. The funny thing about NYC is that when you move from neighborhood to neighborhood,it really is a whole bunch of small towns put together. There is no anonymous big city.


  7. Great post and photos on your blog! Thanks for liking one of my recent posts. I will be following your blog. Peace.

  8. hey you have a great blog here with really beautiful photos.
    Thank u for chancing upon mine and liking it.. If not I would have missed out such nice blog of yours. keep posting!

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