The Conservatory Garden in Central Park

The pictures here were taken in Central Park Conservatory. Everything was blooming and there were more people than bees. For a moment or two I thought I was hallucinating. I always thought you had to go away to the desert in Jesus style to have some kind of spiritual experience but it turns out the city will do quite well:).

The tightness of spaces and the grid induces in me a certain level of adrenaline that will provide me with either a skewed vision or something crystal clear…epiphany of sorts. It is always hard to say which…
And yes, this is my attempt at humor…for wit seems beyond my reach for now.




12 responses to “The Conservatory Garden in Central Park

  1. I’ve been so busy “cooking” that I am late in catching up on your photos. Each is a masterpiece, each answers the age old question–“but is it art”

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