25 responses to “threshold

  1. Intriguing post to say the least…
    quoting Gibran, an insightful wordsmith + artist…
    and then having your series of photos follow…
    visually makes one feel that they are actually journeying to the “threshold” of one’s mind.
    Very creative + well done Barbara~

  2. Excellent sequence. Love the perspective & colour. The images draw you in.
    The word educate derives from Latin, lead out or to draw forth. A good “educator “therefore leads /draws the student into the world and opens the door to inner thought. So the poet-prophet defines the word quite accurately.

  3. Thank you so much for your likes and comments. I know your time is precious so I am thankful for your generous input.

    The Shinning was on my mind the minute I stepped into this motel.

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