TiltShift Generator App- Fake Miniature
“TiltShiftGen enables you to control perfect lens blur and color effects! Best App Ever Award’s Best Photo Manipulation App Second Place.”

now I can blur everything inside out just for $0.99 …

17 responses to “TiltShiftGen

    • Now you have really proven the benefits of IPhone. To get these effects, I have to use my 40 pound 8×10 camera, and a jar of vaseline, to smeer the lens.
      Where does this vision and talent originate? Has this been a lifelong interest? Have you always been a photographer?
      Please keep the images coming!.

  1. Hello, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award

  2. Hello Barbara
    Nice pictures I like the BN is always great.
    Thanks x your visits to my blog and the funny comments
    good week

    Ciao Barbara
    Belle foto mi piacciono il BN é sempre fantastico.
    Grazie x le tue visite al mio blog e i simpatici commenti
    Buona settimana

  3. It’s not the app that makes your shots great – it’s the way in which you capture the subject matter. And I LOVE the way you captured the Dark Shadows billboard. Isn’t that one of the best movie ads yet? Johnny Depp was born to wear weird make up.I can’t wait to see the movie!

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