My daughter, my artistic director.

Kayla is responsible for the pictures here. She had a vision and she told me what to do. She positioned me and told me to capture the movement of her cartwheels. We were in a department store restroom…Kayla’s scoliosis hard brace safely tugged away in a grocery bag. She wore it almost non-stop for a year every day except Sundays. She took it off when pain became unbearable. Some days were better than others.

I love these pictures because they are Kayla’s vision. To me, they stand for her unbendable spirit, her unique sight, talent, her strength and will to live.




29 responses to “motion2

  1. I like these very much Barbara. I especially like the first but all capture the motion, energy and spirit of your daughters acrobatics. Of course these pictures are all the more special given Kayla’s difficulties, difficulties she is clearly determined to overcome. Thank you for sharing them and thank Kayla for the vision. 🙂

  2. lovely photos as usual! and these have a feminine softness to them – kind of pretty, yet still edgy and full of motion – which is what I love best about your work! You rock!

  3. Very well done. With her condition, I’m sure you’re happy that she can be mobile at times. Hopefully the pain is not too bad, and things will turn out well.

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