33 responses to “walking in the city

  1. Great shots. I’m so glad that some of these older building still exist. They provide such a good connection to the past. I found myself completely forgetting this was New York and not somewhere else. Beautiful work.

    • Hi Mobius,
      thank you for keep coming and visiting, and commenting.
      I wish I were more like you when visiting other blogs.
      You always have such positive input…
      I often lack words….want to leave something meaningful but I sit there and stare words running away as fast they can.
      Your last series is phenomenal….but I think I already said that.

  2. I love the contrast between light and shadow in a lot of these shots. Your photos look old, yet modern and edgy at the same time – which is why you are such a unique photographer!

  3. When I travel overseas, I generally prefer to visit provincial areas away from big, bustling cities. NYC is the exception to my rule, and has been high on my travel wish list for many years… thank you for sharing…

  4. Once again I see beautiful images that shows a city that time does not always change. Excellent!

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