NYPD Homicide Squad Car

Believe it or not, there were two stuffed toys in the back of this car. Maybe for good luck…
The vibe was close to “Escape from New York ” with chandeliers missing…

31 responses to “NYPD Homicide Squad Car

    • Hi Maurice,

      How is your new painting going?

      Weegee would have bodies lying around in the pool of red red blood…
      he had his bandits…

      I have my apps and ok abilities…
      this is NYC after all…things take on NYC proportions.
      Still …enjoying it while it lasts.
      thank you for all your comments.

      • It’s the new New York, curb your dog, and no dead gangsters lying around. Even with those limitations, you make art.
        Still waiting for the undercoat of the painting to dry–damp weather has slowed the drying process. The difficult stage is accomplished, I’m relieved. . and thank you for your comments!

  1. You have such a wealth of subjects and a great eye for them. Gas guzzling homicide car too great!

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