fear of dolls


Pediophobia, also known as the fear of dolls, is a relatively common kind of phobia. It is an anxiety disorder that can be associated with a range of dolls from old-fashioned china dolls and porcelain dolls to dolls that talk and move. Pediophobia, is considered a branch of automatonophobia, or a fear of humanoid figures. There are many theories connected to the possibility of how pediophobia is caused. Some of these reasons include external events, heredity, as well as psychological tendencies and brain chemistry. The most common reason given however would be that a traumatic experience in the past that associates dolls to fear and anxiety in a person.

29 responses to “fear of dolls

  1. Barbara this is a great post. Scary. Each dolls inhabits a strange life-like aura. Each one truly possess a ‘soul’ of sorts. Your treatments and choice of black and white tones make this a masterpiece.

  2. No dolls in my life, thank you! And besides housing souls of the dead or other entities, dolls may be utilized in ritual “magic” (not of the benign kind).

    But these images are fantastic.

  3. I dunno, I’m pretty sure I don’t have that phobia, but these photos are seriously creepy! Good work! If ‘good’ is the right word… 🙂

  4. LOL! I’d wager if someone does have Pediophobia you just helped that progress. Creepy, but funny. I think I have seen so many horror movie parodies that scary stuff makes me laugh.

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