iPhone Photography 3

There are three facts about smartphones and taking pictures.
1. Most of the time I am not sure what I take pictures of. I use Hipstamatic and its viewfinder is set to small on my phone. Why? I don’t know why. I simply have faith that my subject is still there when I am pressing the shutter.
2. I have a problem with holding my tiny phone steady therefore my pictures are often more blurry than not. Oh well. I wouldn’t do well in American western. (Did anybody see True Grit by Coen brothers?)
3. Most of my work is done by apps.
Now what I want is DSLR loaded with apps and access to Internet. Maybe five more years but the technology is coming…as always…

I use Hipstamatic almost exclusively, then Snapseed… sometimes I run pics through PhotoToaster and Grunger.
This set was run through ScratchCam and Blender. I often end up fine tuning in Photoshop.

PS I am blogging this post from smartphone …. I am in the middle of nowhere in Ca with no fast connection to the net. I have trouble to follow my fellow bloggers’ posts…a difficult task to navigate in Safari WordPress world.


34 responses to “iPhone Photography 3

  1. I know nothing of IPhones or apps or anything other than a camera to take pictures. I get the distinct impression that you want to take no credit for your photographs and it’s all a stroke of luck. Am i correct?

    • I’m sure your dream camera is on someone’s drawing board, but what I really believe is that you will make these hauntingly beautiful photos with any camera. We don’t care what the chef does in the kitchen, it’s the meal that we enjoy. You are serving up masterpieces!

      • That is a right perspective, is it not? I mean the chef and his kitchen.
        I am not trying to diminish this new way of taking pictures with prefabricated filters …what I was shooting for was to describe the steps.
        But I still want that loaded DSLR.

    • I am glad you asked.
      I use Hipstamatic almost exclusively, then Snapseed… sometimes I run the pics through PhotoToaster.
      This set was run through ScratchCam and Blender.
      I often end up fine tuning in Photoshop

  2. Very cool photos. I mean that. I agree with most here that your ‘three facts’ do nothing so much as add more interest to your photos. And they’re just more tools, right? Your photographic sense, or ‘eye’, is the key to your photos awesomeness. I know what it’s like to feel like your art was too easy, and that that somehow diminishes it (especially lately!). But the end result is what matters, so do like I have and trust the people who comment on your blog! 🙂

  3. Hey Barbara. Hope you are enjoying California. First: When it comes to a steady hand for a shot….the opening scene in No Country For Old Men (again Coen Brothers) Josh Brolin’ long distance shot. Second: Camera phones and apps. Gotta love the shoot, edit, post, and publish. In your hand. Anywhere. 🙂

  4. These are kind of spooky.

    I use an iPhone, too, and have a real hard time lining things up, but generally like the results. I usually use Camera+ and Snapseed, but have been trying more Hipstamatic due to your influence.

  5. 2 apps you may find very interesting: SlowShutter – gives you advanced control over shutter speed including a B setting. BigLens gives you advanced control of aperature settings. Both are brilliant, and presto! … a DSLR in your phone.

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