41 responses to “Through the Magnifying Glass

    • This idea is not my original… I think that is how they came out with Olloclip for iPhone…but magnifying glass is mine and I had fun exploring things with it…:)
      Love what you are cooking on your blog!

    • If Ansel Adams and Emily Dickinson had a child, it would be you. You have the eye of an artist, and the soul of a poet. You are a creative dynamo. I would write more, but I’m trying to find my magnifying glass

      • Did I say how much I love your comments?…I think my ego grew an inch…:)
        Absolutely will take “the soul of poet”…and will run with it…:)
        Did you find your magnifying glass yet?

    • Just like I said this is not my original idea but had fun exploring optics… Will do more. I hope you are enjoying your vacation and are playing like a kid…:)

  1. Okay…this has got to be one of the coolest and most interesting take on photography. A freaking magnifying glass!? That is too awesome & clever. I would love to try this one day. Awesome concept here.

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