41 responses to “Once there were kings

  1. Do you know when these were built? I lived in a tipi one summer. It was great–once I figured out how to work the smoke flaps!

    I love the photos of Half Dome. They look like they were taken in the 20’s.


  2. The way you work with black and white, and present a complete pallet of grays, the texture, the sharpness, the distant mist, your work is any photographer’s dream come true.

  3. Really incredible subjects. Really wonderful work like always. Has a very mythic quality to it. And the last scenic image just blows me away. Makes me think that this was an Ansel Adams print that was dug out of a wall – which would be a cool discovery indeed.

  4. Hello wonderful you – just to let you know I am nominating you for the Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award. No-one I follow deserves it more. Details will appear on my blog today or tomorrow. Cheers, John.

    • At first I thought oh no …this is too much
      But then I thought that it doesn’t really matter…the whole scene is just too big for me…
      One of the most beautiful views I have ever seen and I obscured it.

  5. Beautiful. I often though that my ancestors lived in teepees, but my grandfather told me stories of our ancestors living in more of house with a frame than an actual teepee.

  6. Oh wow!!! I absolutely love, love the first 5 images. They are breathless, timeless. Seriously look like they were brought out from the archives of photography. That first photo….that’s the one. Love these.

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