1 Day

Ok… There must be a story to this spam photo sequence but I just don’t know what it is. Testing Hipstamatic lenses or trying to fill the vacation time. Learning, being, looking at my surroundings…
This is a visual sequence of one day going by…going, going, gone.


see the rest of the day

15 responses to “1 Day

  1. These are really nice! I really like the lifeguard one for some reason, but I’m not sure why. Maybe becuase it leads to the excitement of summer?

  2. Each and every moment you capture becomes a memory, stored in some ‘folder’ perhaps in the very back of your mind. Liking what I see here…and considering you’re on vacation, you filled the day with pleasant images.

  3. They’re great images, Barbara – I like it that I’m not familiar with what I’m looking at – it means I can make associations that perhaps were not there for you when you took them.

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