13 responses to “Gaia, Interrupted

  1. Your photos are powerful, beautiful, evocative, amd haunting. You are a rare talent.
    PS Sal says we saw the movie “Dreams” That’s what is so wonderful about the aging process—everything old is new again.

  2. Still looks pretty wild to me – at least, it’s not your average suburbia – not your average photographs either – you portray our world in a dream state – brilliant images as always…

  3. Holy smokes! The image of the tree with the backlighting in the field…..that thing is superb. So dramatic. Nice nature shot and kinda creep. Fitting for the season. (:

  4. You have some beautiful pictures here. I first visited California in the late fifties of the last century, and there was still a lot of wilderness there. I had the pleasure of meeting bears face to face. It was a wonderful time.

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