22 responses to “Busy in NYC

  1. These photos are Fabulous… I know Chillbrook said it first, but that’s what I felt looking at them… so, I’m saying Fabulous too. I felt like I was walking in that crosswalk… almost out of body for a sec. Powerful images… thanks. The cop one is perfect capture of the hustle and bustle of the season.

  2. Love, love, love. Much different style then what you normally do. You should get out and do a little more street photography. You took this genre and tweaked it into your style. Really well done!

  3. Hi Barbara – just to let you know I’ve nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blog award. No pressure – simply want others to know about your fabulous photographs and blog. See my latest post for details. Cheers, John

  4. I love how you’ve kept these images classic black & white but then add very subtle sepia tones to small spots or sections of your composition. This makes me think of NYC around the holidays in an entirely new viewpoint. Exceptional photos, Barbara!

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