17 responses to “When a Dream is just a Dream…

  1. So good to see you back. What a great pair of surreal dreamscapes. I’ve missed your work. You made my day.

  2. Everyone needs to have a good row in their boat from time to time…
    glad to see that you + your camera are now safely back on shore πŸ˜‰
    Wonderful photos as always~

  3. Out of the blue I checked your blog early in the day today……wondering why I wasn’t receiving your posts…..so saddened to see you had not been here for awhile…..and then, wow, here you are…..love serendipity and love to be refreshed with photos from you…

  4. Thank you so much for welcoming me back…My goal is post weekly or biweekly…AND to get educated visiting blogs of my fellow travelers…I already made bookmarks to several posts and learnt a ton. Thank you everybody.

  5. Welcome back, Barbara! Just as I’m seeing lots of bloggers taking the summer off, I’m more thrilled to have navigated to your page of fabulous photographs and see your return! Your top piece, the clouds peering through the divided glass window, really grabs me. What a chilling aire of mystery I see in there. Welcome back!

  6. Hi Barbara, for some reason I have not been getting notice of your posts for sometime now. As well as others. It is great to see your wonderful work again. These images are exciting. I have been posting several experimental videos in a series entitled “Experiment Data Complex”. Check them out when you have a chance … tag “data complex”. I will try and browse your archives.

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