28 responses to “Ann’s Ghosts

  1. Wonderful shots of the installation. I am convinced and have been for some time that the photographs of the various installations are more artful than the installations themselves and an enduring testament to creativity. Your photos are very artful.

    • This exhibit is nothing like anything I have seen before. It comes with 42 swings that people can use. The swinging motion makes the gigantic curtain move. There are doves and a life music in the morning.
      Throughout the day the various text fragments are read to a visiting public.
      It is magical Mobius.

    • Hi Eric,
      I will read it then…
      BTW when I clicked on your name in your comment here it took me to a page which said:
      ericalagan.wordpress.com doesn’t exist
      I had to go to your profile to get to your blog.
      You might want to check it out.

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