Mike Smith of Destructive Testing blog produced this wonderful mobile in the third image.
He creates all kinds of wonderful things and posts daily about fantastic, creative people out there.




33 responses to “Mobiles

  1. Thanks so much Barbara. I’m glad you like it. I’m not really sure what those balls were used for. I got them from a plumber and haven’t been able to get back to him to see if he has any more. The old guys at the best local hardware store don’t know what they are!


      • Maurice you becoming quite a collector of material goods…
        My, my, what are you intending to do?
        I dreamt of an angel playing her mandolin another night…

      • When my plumber friend gave me this box of metal floats, I had no idea what I was going to use them for! I had thought he would have some cool old pieces of pipe. But, when I do go to a hardware store, I do look for interesting parts I can use in some way.

        thanks Maurice

  2. This is really quite different for you I think. It’s fast becoming a favourite of mine too. Can’t quite say why .. find it quite hypnotic in a way. A curious simplicity to it that demands your attention. Gordon

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